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Friends of Dork Mansion, Ep. 7: Alyssa Maunders (Down Time)

Photo by Veronica Lee

Photo by Veronica Lee

Alyssa Maunders is the singer, songwriter and guitarist for the Denver-based indie rock band Down Time. 

The band formed in 2016 and quickly cranked out a set of melody-drenched songs they've described as a mix of "the Velvet Underground and Frankie Cosmos." I'd add a tinge of Little Joy, as well, as that band's elegant simplicity and infectious groove shares much with Alyssa's crew. Down Time has one EP under their belt, the fantastic "Good Luck!" EP, out now on Denver's GROUPHUG record label.  In their short tenure, the band has built a great deal of momentum, becoming a fixture in many of Denver's rock clubs.  See them in June open up for buzz band Snail Mail.